Couch Sessions

COUCH SESSIONS are interviews with artists & musicians with a connection to Shreveport, La. We not only want to promote these individuals but to show everyone, Shreveport and beyond, that pursuing your dreams is possible from anywhere! Most importantly, however, they are a chance for Jaya to ride the coattails of talented musicians and actors by living out her music video and montage dreams recreated at the Enjoy!


Episode 1: AJ Haynes

She's a super profesh news anchor, community supporter, and Miss Louisiana! She competed for Miss USA right here in her hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana in May of 2018! For once, she's the one being interviewed! Get to know Lauren Vizza! :) 

Episode 2: Blayne Weaver

In this episode, we meet movie star Blayne Weaver, who has written and/or starred in multiple feature films, including the critically acclaimed FAVOR and SIX MONTH RULE. He drops by our living room to tell us about his newest project, indie film hit CUT TO THE CHASE, which was filmed in his hometown of Shreveport/Bossier. He also does a mean Bon Jovi impression....

Episode 2: Teaser trailer: Blayne Weaver

Episode 3: Luke Sexton

Heyyyy, it's Pierre Bossier, all the way from 1864! Or Is it Luke Sexton, professional actor and stuntman?! We'll go with the latter. Here Luke spills the beans on his move to LA (where he tours as CAPTAIN AMERICA!) as well as his latest project, "Tour De Bossier with Pierre Bossier." You can check out the 5-episode web series here. Stay tuned until the end, where Luke gives us his best Mandy Moore impression as only a stuntman can!

Episode 3 Teaser Trailer: Luke Sexton

Episode 4: Derek Wayne Johnson

In this episode, we interview filmmaker Derek Wayne Johnson, who tells us about his new documentary, "John G. Avildsen: King of the Underdogs!" Johnson was in town from LA for the Shreveport premiere of his film at Robinson Film Center and made time for some serious discush + Rocky parody silliness. Watch on and let us know what you think! Also HAI RALPH MACCHIO JUST IN CASE YOU EVER SEE THIS ILU

Episode 4 Teaser Trailer: Derek Wayne Johnson

Episode 5: Kemerton Hargrove

Meet the Best Actor of the 2016 Louisiana Film Prize, Kemerton Hargrove! Kemerton is part of the production company Moviesauce and has written and starred in at least two feature-length films. He's also hilarious and has a goat story you have to hear to believe. Kemerton is studying at the Second City in Chicago and here tells us about his latest movie, "Clowns & Robbers," which premiered at the Robinson Film Center in the summer of 2018!

Episode 5 Teaser Trailer: Kemerton Hargrove

Episode 6: Special Edition Couch Sesh: #12ReasonsWhy You Should Vote for Ryan Trundle

The mid-terms are coming, and Ryan is vying for our vote! Will he win the interview by giving us #12ReasonsWhywe should vote for him, or will he have to shoot Jameson until he pukes? Find out now!

Episode 7: Special Edition Couch Sesh: #12ReasonsWhy You Should Vote for Levette Fuller

The Louisiana runoffs are coming, and I had to throw my two cents in! Watch as I sip some tea and lament the anti-feminist rantings of Levette's opponent. Will Levette win the interview and give us #12ReasonsWhy we should vote for her? SUSPENSE