#FollowYourDreamport is a series we premiered in 2018 to show people in our local community and beyond that limitations of location are often in your mind. We found 6 amazing individuals who bucked the naysayers and found a way to pursue their dreams from right where they are. Of course, life is an adventure, and when you follow your heart, who knows where it can take you!? But there's no reason not to get started right now, where you live, with what you have. Watch on to be inspired by the people who make Shreveport a #Dreamport!

Episode 1: Lauren Vizza

She's a super profesh news anchor, community supporter, and Miss Louisiana! She competed for Miss USA right here in her hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana in May of 2018! For once, she's the one being interviewed! Get to know Lauren Vizza! :) 

Episode 4: Crystalyn Whitaker

She's a lioness, an award-winning singer, a poet, an English teacher - and she can write anyone under the table in ten minutes. Don't believe me? Watch and see! Get to know Lady Munira aka Crystalyn Whitaker!

Episode 6: Brooke Lynn Estrada

She makes, she bakes, she creates a TARDIS EXPLOSION OF GOODNESS IN YOUR MOUTH! (Just go with it.) Meet my friend Brooke Lynn Estrada, the innovator behind Hello Sweetie! (which yes, is named for the Doctor Who reference, of which she is a fan! In addition to Harry Potter and everything else that rocks muggles' socks off.)

Episode 7: NewMunds Productions

A husband-and-wife team, Josh & Melissa Munds have been creating content for over a decade. They are two-time finalists in the Louisiana Film Prize with their three collective short films and have an award-winning web series, "Unemployed." They're also super adorable and funny and the wizards who partner with McSharma productions to make things like #FollowYourDreamport possible. :) Watch out for falling truth bombs! You may want to take notes on this one. It's chock full of life advice that hurts so good! 

Episode 8: Ashley Gordon

Meet Ashley Gordon, winner of PRAL communicator of the year and CEO of KING & QUEEN, a company designed to empower youth and young adults with information to live their best lives! YASSS KWEEN

Episode 9: Cookie Dubois

Librarian, lover of all things geek chic, and fashion designer! Get to know the amazing Cookie Dubois of Cookie Dubois Clothing. Winner of the SB Fashion competition and regular stunner in the Agora Borealis Fashion Show! Check out her website and order a custom piece: